Sunday, October 9, 2011

Last Sail of 2011

This is the Sunset over Chicago from Lake Michigan tonight.  The lights of Wrigley Field, to the left, are out as they typically are in October.

This was a fantastic boating weekend!  I had a "boys night" Saturday night with Conor and Emmet.  Today our friends Mike, Kelly, Rob, and Zoe joined us for one last lazy sail.  We covered almost 15 miles and spent about 4+ hours on the water followed by dinner at dock.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Chicago from Lake Michigan

I don't live near mountains, but I live near one of the world's most beautiful skylines. There are only one or two other boats on the lake so it is safe to say Karen and I are only two of a handful to be seeing this sight right now.

October Sail, or Four Hours of Peace

It's over 80 degrees in Chicago today! It's perfect on Lake Michigan with the temperature in the low seventies on the water. This is the skyline from Donnybrook reaching on southerly winds on the lake.

Today is a great example of how kids change your life. Before kids, Karen and I would have taken today off then gone somewhere together. Maybe we would have sailed to Michigan City or New Buffalo. Maybe we would have driven to a bed and breakfast somewhere gone to my parents for a long weekend.

Today, we dropped the kids off at school, had breakfast (M Henry on Clark near Ashland, very good!), ran a few errands, and will be on the boat for four hours before we have to pick the boys up again. Karen is reading. I read a little, am writing this entry, and otherwise am doing what I like to do.

We'll be back on land by 2:30, will be with the kids again by 3:10, and our peace will be over.

Sarurday I'll have a boys night on the boat with Conor and Emmet, watch the Marathon Sunday morning, then go on a family sail. Next Saturday Donnybrook will return to her winter home at Crowley's.