Friday, April 26, 2013

Great Lakes From Space

I've recently discovered pictures from space on the internet. Here's a picture of the Great Lakes taken on a cloudless September day.

This puts sailing the length of Lake Michigan, from Chicago to Mackinac Island non-stop into perspective.

Our piece of the world is amazing, isn't it?

Source is NASA.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Filthy Boat

The emotion is similar every spring, alternating between "I wish I could launch today! The lake is flat and I'd love to be back at Belmont Harbor" and " The boat is so filthy. It'll never clean up. It'll be in the yard until June before she's ready."

The reality is somewhere in between. I don't have any critical projects this spring. A coat of wax on the hull and bottom paint touch-up are all that's required. The more cleaning and other projects I do at Crowley's, the fewer I do at Belmont.

April and May weekends are mostly full with family commitments so I'll really need to prioritize my work.  A filthy boat at the harbor is better than a clean boat in the yard, after all!