Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Blog: Cycling, Health and Fitness

Last October I took an interest in cycling and I've started commuting to work as often as I can.  I started a new blog, Cycling, Health, and Fitness, to share my experiences.

I write about why I'm doing it in the first blog post, Why This Blog?  In short, it's to improve my physical health and allow me to continue to do the things I love, including sailing, well into old age.

I'm finding similarities between cycling and sailing.  I'll be sharing my ideas here and in Cycling, Health, and Fitness.  I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

First Post of 2012

October was my last entry.  It doesn't seem like almost 4 months ago.  Strictly Sail started to rekindle my excitement for sailing again.  This year I was able to contribute to the boat show!

I had the opportunity to help my friend, Matt Gallagher, in one of the seminars:  Your First Mac - A Cruiser's Perspective.  The purpose was to answer questions and continue to grow the Cruising Division.  We presented to an audience of around 20 with 3 or 4 cruising sailors interested in participating.

My other sailing-related activity has been resuming work around continuing to grow the Verve Distance Race.  You can read about last year's race on this blog, linked here.

I'm not planning major projects for Donnybrook this year.  Spring work will primarily be cleaning, waxing, and maybe some wood refinishing.

As the days get longer and weather turns to spring I'll be thinking more and more and sharing my thoughts on sailing Donnybrook on beautiful Lake Michigan!