Thursday, July 29, 2010

Race Results

We finished late, but finished. Our official finish time was Tuesday at 04:07:10. We were the last boat in the cruising division to finish but corrected above one section 2 and one section 1 boat. We were 15 of 16 finishing boats (18 started) in Section 2 and 35 of 37 (40 started) in the cruising division.

With the radar/genoa problems we had we lost about 5 hours. We lost another couple of hours with spinnaker problems, solved by removing the dousing sock. If we had those 7 hours back we would've finished top 3 in Cruising 2 and top 5 in the division. Such is racing.

The crew is happy with outcome. We sailed well and executed maneuvers (i.e. reefing) without excessive stress. We had a strategy and executed to it. The weather was beautiful and we had some of the best sailing on Donnybrook I've ever experienced. There is nothing like being on a broad reach at 7+ knots with a flat boat and no waves. Cooking below was as smooth as cooking at dock!

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