Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring at Belmont Harbor and Harbor Improvements

You know it's spring when the the mooring balls go in at Belmont Harbor.  The first picture was taken on the bike path at Belmont Harbor and looks south east toward the Chicago Yacht Club Belmont station.  Donnybrook's summer home is just to the right of this picture.
Mooring balls in the foreground.
Chicago Yacht Club Belmont Station in the background.
Looking east from Belmont Avenue/bike path.

The view below is to the north and shows the main part of the harbor.  Notice the lack of star docks?  Westrec/Chicago Park District has removing several of the star docks to make way for more docks.  Over 100 new slips will be added.  A map showing the configuration is here.  It'll be interesting to see how they handle restrooms and parking for all the new boaters and guests.

Belmont Harbor looking north from Belmont Avenue/Bike path
Note the missing star docks.

While looking for information on new amenities at Belmont Harbor, I ran across the Chicago Harbor Lakefront Harbor Framework Plan from 2007.  This interesting document is a 20 year plan for Chicago's harbor system. 

The table of contents reads: 
I . Plan background & Overview p. 1
1.1 Introduction by Timothy J. Mitchell, General Superintendent & CEO p. 2
1.2 Guiding Principles p. 5
1.3 Goals & Objectives p. 6
1.4 Existing Harbor System p. 8
1.5 Economic Impacts of Chicago’s Harbors p. 11
1.6 Market Demand Analysis p. 16
1.7 Financing “Harbors in Parks” p. 17
1.8 The Public Planning Process p. 18
1.9 Physical Planning Process p. 20

I I . The Chicago Lakefront Harbor framework Plan p. 23
2.1 South Lakefront p. 27
 87th Street Harbor p. 28
 Jackson Park Outer & Inner Harbors p. 32
 59th Street Harbor p. 36

2.2 Central Lakefront p. 39
 31st Street Harbor p. 40
 Burnham Harbor p. 44
 Downtown Harbor p. 48
 Gateway Harbor p. 48
 DuSable East Harbor p. 52
 DuSable Harbor - Monroe Harbor p. 56

2.3 North Lakefront p. 61
 Diversey Harbor p. 62
 Belmont Harbor p. 66
 Montrose Harbor p. 68
 Chicago’s Far North Lakefront p. 70

2.4 Harbor System-Wide & Lakefront Recommendations p. 71

2.5 Greening & Sustainability Components p. 73

Proposed plan for refinements to Belmont Harbor
from Chicago Lakefront Harbor Framework Plan, 2007 (page 67)
A proposed master plan for Belmont Harbor is on page 67.  If the plan is executed, Belmont Harbor will look dramatically different and will be a much busier place than it already is.

There's a lot of information in this 70+ page report.  The economic impact (Donnybrook spends $6,893 each year if you believe the report, page 12) is interesting.

The 31st Street Harbor, under construction, is detailed on pages 40-43. 

The new Gateway Harbor plan is on pages 48-51, and a DuSable East Harbor is on pages 52-56.

I've only skimmed it so far.  Time permitting I'll do some research and share what I learn about the Chicago Park District's short and long term plans.

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