Sunday, May 15, 2011

When the Gales of November Come Early...

View of Lake Michigan from Montrose Beach Saturday, May 14
...Mid May to be exact. The picture show's Lake Michigan Saturday afternoon. Saturday night and Sunday were even windier from the north. Lake Michigan certainly wasn't beautiful and inviting this weekend, rather gray and intimidating. It was a good weekend for inside boat work, which I did.

Brian helped me clean and declutter Donnybrook. All the stuff we carried up from Crowley's but don't regularly use is off the boat: 150 feet of orange extension cord, 100 feet of garden hose, the oild change pump, my heavy tool bag, etc. She is now presentable to guests!

I finished the connections on the electric head. It works very well. This was a rewarding project which crew and guests on Donnybrook will enjoy. I'll write a more detailed article on the installation later.

After nearly five hours of hard work, Brian and I had dinner and watched baseball at Bridget McNeill's. I had the best chicken sandwhich of my life there: A chicken/advocado club sandwhich made spicy. Bridget's is one block east of Belmont Harbor's south side at Belmont and Sheridan.

After dinner and some drinks I spent my first night of 2011 on Donnybrook. It was cold outside--about 40 I'm guessing--but warm in two sleeping bags. I slept very well until about 7 Sunday, did some putzing, then laid down again to enjoy the sound of the wind and rain.

All and all it was a good weekend of boat work. There are only a few more boat chores to do and she'll be ready for sailing! Next Saturday is the boys' birthday party (Karen and the boys spent the weekend getting ready for the party) and saling with guests on Sunday.

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