Monday, July 25, 2011

Blue Day

One of my favorite characteristics of northern Lake Michigan is how clear and crisp everything is! Last night the sky cleared and I saw more stars than I'd seen the entire trip. After getting up to check docklines (the wind picked up over night) I fell asleep watching stars out the port hole.

Today the sky is cloudless and the water is a rich cobalt shade of blue, thanks in part to the 100+ foot depth. Everywhere you look you see blue. The only exceptions are the green forest, tan sand, and my red Mount Gay rum hat!

The air is cool, about 73. With the wind you need a jacket. It feels more like football weather than July sailing.

The island in the background is South Manitou Island, one of my favorite places. We won't be able to stop since we stayed in Petoskey two nights. Next stop: Manistee, Michigan

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