Sunday, July 24, 2011

South to Leland/Odawa Casino

We're heading south toward Leland! Here Bob is looking south down Grand Traverse Bay. The sky is overcast and it's cool. Winds are out of the southeast as we motor sail in 2 foot seas.

The Odawa Casino was a lot of fun! They have a shuttle that will pick you up and drop you off from many places in the area. We called to request a pick-up from the marina and the shuttle was there in 6 minutes, exactly as promised. We were back on the boat within 15 minutes of telling the valet we were ready to return. It wins my praise for convenience to boaters.

The casino was very nice as far as casinos go. It was understated--you probably wouldn't know it was a casino if you weren't looking for it. Inside it was nice without being too flashy. There was a night club, the O-Zone which was playing metal music. At least one other bar, and a couple of restaurants. It is smaller than the Horseshoe casino in Hammond (which is the only other midwest casino I've been to).

Staff were friendly but not enthusiastic. Table limits seemed low--only a $5 minimum at the roulette table. Drinks were reasonable compared to downtown Petoskey bars--$7.75 for a Sam Adams and Seven and Seven. Rest rooms were clean.

The biggest surprise was the other visitors. Most were our age or younger. I was expecting older people--I guess that's the stereotype I hold of midwest casino patrons. The people we talked to were on vacation from central or eastern Michigan. A lot of people seemed to be local twenty-somethings out on a Saturday night.

Bob doesn't gamble--he's too smart to give his money up that easy. I lost my planned $20 playing roulette. I also bought a couple of polished Petoskey stones from the gift shop.

As a change of pace from small town restaurants, bars, and shopping, I recommend the Odawa Casino.

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