Monday, July 18, 2011

Man (binocular) Overboard Drill!

Monday, 3:30 pm: We finally got some wind! It filled in nicely. We got some good speed and heel, then the binoculars fell over!

The crew immediately gybed and went back, gybing several times in the process. The binoculars were not found.

This provides some lessons learned:
1. Make sure there's a spotter who does not take his eyes off the person in the water. A crew member was watching but lost sight when he had to ease a sheet,

2. Mark the spot! If this was a person, throw the man overboard pole, buoy, and light, plus cushions and anything else! Press the MOB (man ober board) button on the GPS to mark the spot. In this case, an old pfd used as a cushion would have helped the boat to come back to the spot.

3. Keep the boat tidy! Don't leave stuff on the deck that can slide off if conditions change.

4. Be prepared to maneuver. Keep the cockpit clear so you can work. Don't tie sheets or coil halyards you might need to run free.

5. Things shrink quickly in the lake. In this case only the strap floated (the binoculars were a few inched below the water). Being blue they were impossible so see from more than a boat length or two.

I was below starting a nap when all this happened but the crew should be stronger for the experience.


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