Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gray's Reef Passage

Tuesday, 4:45 am: We found Gray's Reef covered by a fog bank which made the passage almost surreal. We could hear the bells and horns but couldn't see them until we were on top of them. We didn't see any ships which was a disappointment

It took us over 12 hours to go 23 miles today, which included several hours of speeds less than 1 knot and frequent 0.00 knots on both the knotmeter and gps.

We're flying Blue for the last quarter mile of the passage. We're optimistic winds will pick up to get us the 16 miles to the bridge quickly. Best case we'll be to the bridge by 9:00 am Tuesday and finish the race by 10:30. Mike, Megan, and I are off-watch so I trust Kevin, Jake, and Todd will get us there safely.

The picture is of the last bell and turning mark where we turned east with some of our company and sunrise in the background.

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