Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Finish

The picture is of Donnybrook (Megan pictured) approaching Mackinac Island shortly after the finish as we're taking sails down.

The sprint past the bridge toward the finish was generally uneventful. We lost our angle for wing on wing sailing with Blue so we had to gybe to the finish. After a few gybes we finished on Tuesday at 12:28:47 for an elapsed time of 93:28:47 hours on the race course, corrected to be 72:21:11 hours.

In the cruising division we placed 39 of 50 boats to start, with 40 boats actually finishing.

After the race we spent two nights on the island resting and spending time with the family.

Our plan is to reach Petosky Friday night to change crew. The wave forecast for today is bumpier than we'd like so we may stay at St. Ignace depending on how late we leave and how soon the waves lie down.

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