Friday, July 29, 2011

Message in a Bottle

The boys talk about sending a message in a bottle from Donnybrook. It seems like a good idea! My bottle is an old Sailor Jerry rum bottle with label removed. I made an inside label with "message in a bottle" clearly visible from the outside.

Inside I placed a short note with the location dropped (middle of Lake Michigan: 87 degrees, 5 minutes west and 42 degrees, 21 minutes north, about 34 miles east of Waukegan) and my email address so the finder can tell me where found. I also included a dollar as a treasure and incentive to email me when found and even sealed the lid with silicone to keep water out.

I did the same thing on a cruise several years ago. Karen and I threw a bottle with message off a cruise ship while we were south of Cuba. Someone found it on a beach on the east coast of Florida 300+ miles from where we dropped it and sent me the letter!

We'll see where this bottle ends up.

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